Just The Tonic Edinburgh 2015 Reviews – 5 STARS!

The clock is ticking and there’s only so many days left at this year’s fringe.  Get in all the shows now!

We’re very proud to have all these exceptional shows on with Just The Tonic in Edinburgh this year, get along and see all of them! There’s still time!

Tom Parry (Tron – 6.20pm)
★★★★ “…believes in the soul-nourishing quality of silliness” – The Guardian
★★★★ “It comes as no surprise that his show manages the perfect mix of mad energy, boyish charm and cheeky juvenile behavior.” – The Skinny
★★★★ “Ebullient fun from the sketch group Pappys’ most boisterous member, Tom Parry delivers one of the most straightforwardly enjoyable comedy shows at the Fringe.” – Wow247
★★★★ “an easy-going, funny show from a top performer” – The Mirror

Lindsay Benner: Book of Love (The Caves 4.45pm)
★★★★★ “a show that totally captures the spirit of the Fringe: bizarre and unexpected, flirty and fun. Go, and fall in love.” – Broadway Baby
“Lindsay served up course after course of comedy with flair, panache and supreme confidence.” – LucyLovesCircus

Dicing With Dr. Death (The Caves 6.10pm)
★★★★★ “a wonderful show, both dark and illuminating. Thought provoking, engaging and funny, despite its subject matter, manages to be hugely life affirming.” – TV Bomb
“..marred in controversy and closely watched by the authorities” – Mashable
“engaging and highly thought-provoking” – ThreeWeeks Edinburgh

Welcome to Tiddleminster (Mash House 1.20pm)
★★★★★ “….a parody of piss poor PowerPoint presentations crossed with a naff ‘choose your own adventure novel’….Combined with an addictive control of language and a subtle northern basis for the humour, it’s an absolutely inspired hour of comedy.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Peter Brush (Community Project 6.55pm)
★★★★★ “Without doubt it is the funniest show I’ve seen so far this Fringe” Chortle

Mick Ferry (Tron 10.20pm)
★★★★★ “No room I’ve been in to date has laughed as loud and hard as they did in this show.” – The Mirror

Bismillah (The Caves 12.45pm)
★★★★★ “Brilliantly acted and superbly written, Bismillah! is one of the best shows I have ever seen at the Fringe or anywhere else.” – Broadway Baby

Sooz Kempner (Mash House 6.20pm)
★★★★ “All Sooz’s characters were just the right amount of absurd, grotesque and alarmingly familiar.” – Funny Women

Twisted Loaf (The Caves 5pm)
★★★★★ “Witty, imaginative, and hilarious, it’s hard to imagine anything else that can quite match it” – The Skinny
★★★★★ “This is a show full of Twisted Loaf’s trademark clowning with blood, sweat and tears.” – Funny Women

Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure (Community Project 11.30am)
★★★★★ “Jokes funny for young and old kids! An exciting elephantastic adventure!” – Families Magazine Edinburgh
★★★★ “It’s all very silly, very funny and very clever.” – The List

Jellybean Martinez (The Caves 3.15pm)
★★★★★ “a perfectly balanced mix of stand up and character comedy, immaculate audience interaction” – Edinburgh Evening News
★★★★ “Martinez is not afraid to take risks and the sketches, while well put together, have a seat of their pants quality that makes them genuinely unpredictable.” – Wow247

Cormac Friel (The Caves 7.40pm)
★★★★ “it’s a good bet that Cormac Friel is pretty close to striking gold” – Broadway Baby
★★★★★ “It is a pleasure to watch someone with such mastery, craft an excellent show.” – Bunbury Magazine

Jordan Brookes (The Community Project 1.35pm)
★★★★★ “Easily one of the most creative but funny shows I’ve seen this year.” – The Mirror
★★★★ “Jordan Brookes thrives on awkward silences and goes out of his way to create them.” – Fest

Love In The Time of The Gilmore Girls (Mash House 5.40pm)
★★★★ “an entertaining hour with a refreshing twist” – British Theatre Guide

Charles Booth (Mash House 5.20pm)
★★★★ “He had me in stitches!  This is one guy we should watch out for as I am sure he will be back next year with more hilarious character comedy to release upon us.” – The Mumble

Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens (The Caves 11pm)
★★★★★ “The party is up and running from the off and never quits until the end. For the sell-out crowd it is the best one in town.” One4Review

Pelican (The Caves 7.25pm)
★★★★★ “Pelican are a joy to watch and have great potential for years ahead. An absolute must-see.” – EdFringe Review

History’s Greatest Monster  (The Community Project 2.55pm)
★★★★★ “guffaws and giggles throughout this hilariously & historically accurate hour.” – Tiger’s Paw Jr

Shaken Not Stirred (Mash House 11.40am)
★★★★★ “It’s a gloriously, superbly silly tribute to the wonderful, ridiculous Bond films. Not a show to be missed while it’s still up at Edinburgh.” – EdFringe Review

Steve Bugeja (Mash House 8pm)
★★★★ “a work of substance, which puts gags front and centre of a compelling narrative featuring well-drawn characters” – Chortle
★★★★ “quite assured of his character…A wonderful writer” – The Skinny
★★★★ “The detail is delicious, and the laughs warm steadily while Bugeja shares his story with unabashed honesty. An uplifting treat.” – Fest

Sam and Helen (The Caves 6.20pm)
★★★★ “By the end of this hour long show, you won’t just think this eccentric comedy duo are hilarious, you’ll want them to be your BFFs too!” – Funny Women

Douglas Walker: Möglich (Mash House 2pm)
★★★★  “a very original act whose material and performance has us firmly lodged in the palm of his hand” – The List

Geoff Norcott (Tron – 2.20pm)
★★★★ “Daring …. On the comedy circuit, this much is sure: he’s an absolute tonic” – The Telegraph

Matthew Crosby (Mash House 7.40pm)
★★★★★ ” From start to finish, a masterful hour of comedy.” – Bunbury Magazine
★★★★ “can effortlessly hold his own as a solo performer” – EdFest Mag
★★★★ “…this is an hour of stupidly good entertainment” – Evening Standard

Norris and Parker (The Caves 8.35pm)
★★★★ “Quite simply, if you don’t spend most of the show raucously belly-laughing, you’re probably dead.” – Broadway Baby

Mat Ewins (The Caves 9.55pm)
★★★★ “His boldness and bluntness really gets the crowd laughing” – Arts Award Voice

Njambi McGrath (Mash House 5pm)
★★★★ “Her material and perspective is so fresh and new, there genuinely isn’t another stand up show like Devil’s Door Bell” – The List

Kate Cook – Invisible Woman (Mash House 2.20pm)
★★★★ “build(s) to a satisfying conclusion, earning delighted laughter from the audience when the payoff came” – Broadway Baby
★★★★ “…it’s worth putting on your Fringe agenda for an hour of nostalgic humour.” – TV Bomb

Charlie and The Philosorappers (Mash House 8.20pm)
★★★★”knee-slappingly funny, genuinely arresting and, in the end, surprisingly beautiful” – Broadway Baby

The Kagools (3.20pm Mash House)
★★★★★ “One finds it hard to imagine another show at the Fringe quite as much fun as The Kagools.  Absolutely top-drawer.” – TV Bomb
★★★★ “Rarely has mime been so beautifully executed by two women wearing raincoats” – Chortle

Franks and Skinner (Mash House 10.40pm)
★★★★★ “The Fringe has been spoiling us this year for quality female duos, and Franks and Skinner are up there with the very best of them.” – TV Bomb
“They tease, yell, gurn, and leap about as if on a huge caffeine high, giving a little bit of everything” – Chortle

That Pair (The Caves 4.35pm)
★★★★★ “Letting It Go explodes rigid codes of gendered, particularly feminine, behaviour. In the end though, the heart of this show is silliness and fun.” – Broadway Baby
“very entertaining, witty and excellent comics who know how to deliver a fantastic show” – Fringe Review

Louise Reay: It’s Only Words (Community Project 4.15pm)
★★★★ “Her debut triumphs as a stand out show even in the context of a Fringe full of shows that are just as unusual.” – The Skinny
“…bold enough to take risks that consistently pay off. The laughter that ensues is uninhibited, almost child like in abandon.” – Fringe Review
“Reay is a confident and talented performer, both in her command of Mandarin and in her physicality and stage presence, and she presents a wacky and challenging show with surprising ease.” – Broadway Baby

Scott Bennett (Mash House 4.20pm)
★★★★ “…there’ll always be a place for observational humour done well, which is what we have here. Bennett is a gifted exponent of the art.” – TV Bomb
“the real laughs came not from the content of the anecdotes but the fabulous turns of phrase and pungent expressions of the protagonists that he embodies” – Chortle

Dan Nicholas (Mash House 3.40pm)
★★★★ “This is a very talented man who can craft a story with ease and grace.” – Bunbury Magazine

2 Girls 1 Cup of Comedy (The Caves 10.20pm)
“a lovely fun hour of entertainment hosted by a friendly and engaging duo, featuring a ever-changing cast of guest artists from round the Fringe” – Squirrel Comedy

Harry Deansway (The Tron 5pm)
“self-deprecating, self-sabotaging, deliberate shambles of a showman” – The List

Daphna Baram (The Caves 2.30pm)
“…offers not just a pleasant hour of storytelling, but food for thought.” – The List

Lewis Schaffer (Community Project 5.35pm)
“Drop that dead donkey, for Edinburgh 2015 the Nunhead-based New Yorker has actually written a genuinely interesting show.” – Beyond The Joke

Omid Singh (Tron 7.40pm)
“when Singh’s on point he’s brilliantly funny” – The List

Matt Reed (Mash House 9.40pm)
“I stopped taking notes in the show as the twists and turns proved so engrossing…” – Chortle

Holly Burn (Mash House 6.20pm)
“It’s all stuff and nonsense of course, but very entertaining stuff and nonsense.” – Chortle
“Burn is an irresistible performer” – The Independent

Just The Tonic Midnight Show (The Caves Midnight)- Top 5 best late night shows at The Fringe – The List

The Salvation Rooms – Free Fringe

Kelly Kingham (5pm)
★★★★★ “This is a gem of a free show, and actually I am very surprised that it is not occupying a £10-a-ticket prime time slot.” – Mumble Comedy

Scarlett Shambles (12.30pm)
★★★★ “I know it’s not nice to laugh at someone crying, but Scarlet’s heartbroken sob-singing had me in stitches.” – Broadway Baby

Comedy Death (1.30pm)
★★★★ “…if you’re the sort of heartless person who enjoys other’s misery then, no matter who takes the stage, you’ll probably like this show.” – TV Bomb

Coughing Sheep (8.45pm)
★★★★ “Two-handed, masterful comic slice of metatheatre” – The Stage

Let Luce (4pm)
★★★★ “Think an even more playful and kid-friendly Mighty Boosh” – The Skinny
★★★★ “LetLuce are a real find, with natural funny bones” – Chortle

Mr Susie’s Last Chance Cabaret (9pm)
“…is impossible to resist such good-natured silliness” – TV Bomb

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